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Welcome to Modern Health located in Akron. If you suffer from chronic pain and are interested in a Naturopathic Practitioner, call our team today and find out how we can help.

Naturopathic Practitioner Akron OH

Welcome to Modern Health, a naturopathic clinic in Akron OH located at 51 Park West Boulevard Suite 100B.  While much attention is given to the symptoms in conventional medicine, functional medicine addresses the root cause of the problem, resulting in permanent rather than temporary solutions.  Functional medicine addresses the whole person and looks at the body as one integrated system.  Functional medicine respects the fact that no two people are the same and treats everyone with an individualized approach.  Utilizing lifestyle changes, vitamins and minerals, botanicals, and therapeutic diets, our functional medicine approach allows us to focus on the underlying imbalances in health, allowing for true healing.  We don’t just want you to be without symptoms, we want you to thrive.

Do You Suffer From A Chronic CONDITION?

It is estimated that 60% of American adults have at least one chronic condition, and 42% have more than one chronic condition.  The truth is that the majority of chronic health issues can be helped, but the difficulty is finding a provider that you can turn to for help.  At Modern Health, everyone is looked at individually to find the root cause of your complaint.

We offer services such as nutrition, lifestyle counseling, nutraceutical recommendations including vitamins, minerals and botanicals, and hydrotherapy, and advanced functional testing.  These services help us to find the root cause of your chronic gastrointestinal complaints, hormonal complaints, thyroid complaints, as well as many others.

Why Our Approach is Different

You are different then your sibling, mom, dad, friends, cousins- you are your own person and should be treated as such.  At Modern Health we know no two people are the same which is why we take a detailed history and come up with a personalized plan for you.

Make today be the day that you change your life and your health. Schedule a consultation at Modern Health today so that we can get a better understanding of your needs. We will work with you one on one to help you overcome whatever issues you are experiencing.